The Hydra App Store is a home for all plug-ins, models and other downloads that are designed to work on (or with) the Hydra Platform. It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for users to start creating models, and for developers to become part of the Hydra Platform community.

Types of app

Connector apps

Connector apps typically export data from Hydra to the formats required by third party modelling systems, trigger model runs and import model results back into Hydra. Connector apps are typically designed to work with any model written for a given third party modelling system (such as GAMS or Pyomo).

Data utility apps

Data utility apps perform actions on data that are typically not related to a specific modelling system. These could include importing and exporting data to and from common formats (such as CSV or shapefile), or a visualisation tool.


Models are specific scripts that perform calculation routines. They could be written for third party modelling systems, such as GAMS or Pyomo, or they could exist without any third-party dependencies. Models written for third party modelling systems rely on a to retrieve and return data. Other models could communicate directly with Hydra.

Other downloads

Network templates

Network templates define the types of nodes and links (along with their required attributes) that make up a network. They are typically associated with one or more apps.

Network data

GIS data

Related softare

Some apps rely upon third party modelling language systems such as GAMS and Pyomo or other software such as HEC DSS Vue. If an app relies upon other software to complete its work, this software is defined as a dependency when the developer uploads the app.

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